U Bank Empowers Persons with Disabilities Through Internship Program

U Bank strategically collaborated with the Special Talent Exchange Program (STEP) to conduct a comprehensive accessibility audit of its premises across the country.

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U Bank Empowers Persons with Disabilities Through Internship Program

On the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, U Microfinance Bank, the fastest-growing microfinance bank in Pakistan, reaffirmed its commitment to improving accessibility and opportunities for PWDs as part of its continued commitment to financial inclusion. The bank has promised to promote an atmosphere where everyone has equal access to banking possibilities.

The Special Talent Exchange Program (STEP) and U Bank worked together to perform a thorough accessibility audit of all of their locations nationwide. The goal of this program was to guarantee PWDs’ access to U Bank’s financial services and products. Employee training seminars at U Bank also included awareness-raising and empathy-building exercises.

To foster a caring and encouraging work environment, U Bank continuously works to create an inclusive workplace culture. The bank also completed the first group of its internship program, which is only open to people with disabilities. This program offers these people equal possibilities for learning and growth, as well as the cultivation of potential in an inclusive work environment.

U Bank is dedicated to provide easily accessible financial solutions and fostering an inclusive workplace that recognizes each person’s unique abilities and skills. The bank is committed to giving everyone equal chances and will keep working to create a future where everyone has greater power.

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