Pakistan’s App Ecosystem Thrives with Google’s App Growth Lab Program

Total number of studios participating this year was 254, up from 54 last year, showcasing the program's augmented impact on Pakistan's app and gaming ecosystem.

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Pakistan's App Ecosystem Thrives with Google's App Growth Lab Program

Google announced its celebration of the success of its App Growth Lab program’s second edition, which saw 94 game and app development teams from Pakistan graduate. Launched in 2023, the initiative was enlarged to encompass enterprises and app development studios to facilitate the further expansion of the gaming and app industries. The program’s influence surged as participating studios soared from 54 to 254.

“The story of inspiration for the world is the rise of Pakistan’s app economy,” stated Farhan Qureshi, Regional Director of Google for Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. In 2022, applications created in Pakistan were downloaded 4 billion times worldwide. 65 apps created by Pakistani developers made it to the top 10 lists in the Play Store and App Store’s gaming and apps sectors in 2022. Pakistan has the fastest-growing developer market in the world, with its developers currently making up the 16th largest developer market by downloads.”

There were two phases to the initiative, which spanned from June to September 2023: education and assistance. Building on the first iteration’s success, the 2023 program provided improved learning opportunities that catered to the unique requirements of game and app creators at various phases of their entrepreneurial endeavors. Participants got the chance to pick the brains of Google specialists in a variety of fields, such as Play, AdMob, and Google Ads. Additionally, they learned a great deal from industry executives, mentoring sessions, and intensive educational programs.

“A significant endeavor, the Growth Lab program will propel Pakistan’s gaming sector to unprecedented heights,” expressed Ehtisham Malik, Head of Marketing at MicZon, a participant in the 2022 Growth Lab. “Everything we discovered at Growth Lab has proven to be extremely beneficial and pertinent to our company. I appreciate Google Gaming Growth Lab Pakistan’s assistance to Pakistani publishers and developers.

“The record growth we have made in the last couple of months is reflected in the training and support we received from Google Apps Growth Lab,” stated Shoaib Ali, CEO of Al Basirr Technologies Private Limited, a 2023 Apps Growth Lab member. “We have grown more in a short period than we have in the previous six years. We owe a debt of gratitude to the entire Google Apps Growth Lab team for their unwavering dedication to our success.”

Graduates of the Apps Growth Lab can apply for Google’s App Acceleration Program (GAAP), where they can continue to get support from Google professionals to deepen their relationship with the company. Priority Google partners now include several previous GAAP participants.

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