5th Pillar Family Takaful Unveils Initiative for Affordable Hajj & Umrah

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5th Pillar Family Takaful Unveils Initiative for Affordable Hajj & Umrah

By easing the Hajj and Umrah travels, 5th Pillar Family Takaful Limited (5PFTL) has unveiled a revolutionary project to assist Muslims who are struggling financially. 5th Pillar, with strong support from Kuwait, seeks to open up these pilgrimages to the public, beginning in Pakistan and moving worldwide.

With a record PKR 2 billion in initial capital and a “A+ Stable Outlook” credit rating, 5th Pillar now holds the title of largest recipient of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Pakistan’s takaful sector. The organization guarantees an open and honest system that is devoid of riba and unstated fees, providing a safe haven for prospective pilgrims.

Saleh Naser Al-Selmi, the Kuwaiti Chairperson of 5PFTL, affirmed the organization’s dedication to helping those with limited resources fulfill their Hajj dreams. CEO of Nasar US Samad Qureshi stressed a holistic strategy that linked experiences from Saudi Arabian preparations to Pakistani takaful plans, all under the guidance of Shariah-compliant standards.

Considering nations with a majority of Muslims, such as Bangladesh, Indonesia, Turkey, and Egypt, 5th Pillar intends to expand its services beyond Pakistan. A sustainable global model is intended to be created, enabling millions of people all over the world to perform the Hajj and Umrah.

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