PTCL Completes 108 Billion Rupee Acquisition of Telenor Pakistan

The completion of the acquisition is subject to regulatory approvals and customary closing conditions.

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PTCL Completes 108 Billion Rupee Acquisition of Telenor Pakistan

PTCL, a division of e&, said that it has paid PKR 108 billion to acquire a 100% share in Telenor Pakistan, marking a significant milestone for the country’s telecom industry. The key players come together in this strategic merger to form a force that has the potential to completely transform connectivity.

The united company has unmatched advantages thanks to Telenor’s state-of-the-art technology and PTCL’s wide network coverage. For Pakistani consumers, this synergy promises improved coverage, seamless data experiences, and a greater selection of cutting-edge goods and services.

“This agreement unlocks immense potential for Pakistan’s digital transformation,” said CEO of PTCL & PTML Hatem Bamatraf. “Our combined team will leverage the best of both companies, accelerating innovation and delivering unparalleled value to customers and stakeholders.”

The CEO of e& Group, Hatem Dowidar, agrees, saying, “This acquisition strengthens our resolve to develop a next-generation network in Pakistan.” By funding technical development, we strengthen digital progress and build a more promising future for the country.”

The PTCL Board Chairman, Hassan Nasir Jamy, emphasizes the importance to the country: “PTCL has always been a driving force in connecting Pakistan.” With PTCL serving as the national champion, this merger bolsters our determination to build a thriving, digitally linked nation.”

While typical closing conditions and regulatory permissions are still in place, PTCL guarantees a seamless transfer to reduce any inconvenience to all parties involved. This momentous transaction doesn’t just mark a new page in Pakistan’s telecom story – it propels the entire sector into a new era defined by innovation and seamless connections. Get ready for a revolution in the way we stay connected!

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