IBA (CEJ-IBA) Takes Aim at Misinformation with iVerify Launch

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IBA (CEJ-IBA) Takes Aim at Misinformation with iVerify Launch

The Center of Excellence in Journalism at IBA (CEJ-IBA) has launched iVerify, a nonpartisan fact-checking program, to improve accuracy and transparency in Pakistani journalism.

Director of CEJ-IBA Amber Rahim Shamsi stressed the importance of iVerify in battling the growing flow of false information during her remarks at the launch. By using a strict, multifaceted verification process, this “cornerstone of reliable journalism” seeks to confirm news pieces and guarantee factual correctness and ethical reporting.

The UNDP-accredited iVerify provides a vital resource for media professionals and journalists. Narratives submitted via the CEJ-IBA website are evaluated using a data-driven and language-based approach, guaranteeing accurate portrayal and contextualization prior to verification.

Senior media experts who attended the launch, like Mansoor Ali Khan and Zahrah Mazhar, found resonance in the conversation that followed. Acknowledging the possibility of false information during Pakistan’s forthcoming General Elections, they praised iVerify’s contribution to reducing fake news and encouraging ethical reporting.

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