TikTok Ensures Election Integrity in Pakistan 2024

A significant element of TikTok's strategy is the launch of the Pakistan Election Center on the platform, available both in English and Urdu.

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TikTok Ensures Election Integrity in Pakistan 2024

In preparation for the next Pakistani parliamentary elections in February 2024, TikTok states on its platform that it is committed to maintaining election integrity. TikTok demonstrates responsibility at important public gatherings by enforcing strict policies against hate speech, violence, and disinformation while adhering to its Community Guidelines, which are available in both Urdu and English.

The platform rigorously forbids voter intimidation, repression, or instigation of violence and actively removes false information about voter registration, candidate eligibility, ballot counting, and election outcomes. TikTok, which employs over 40,000 people worldwide and uses cutting-edge technology, works with industry partners, civil society organizations, and intelligence agencies to guarantee user safety.

To effectively combat false information, TikTok restricts content under review from the For You Feed recommendation and collaborates with local and regional fact-checkers. Additionally, the platform alerts users and content producers to potentially deceptive material. The launch of the Pakistan Election Center, which is accessible in both Urdu and English, reinforces a secure environment under Community Guidelines by acting as a hub connecting users to reliable election information.

TikTok upholds an anti-political ad policy, prohibiting government, politician, or political party accounts from using TikTok monetization tools, advertising, or fundraising under their dedication to authenticity. TikTok’s devoted efforts are in line with its objective, which emphasizes support for its community in Pakistan and beyond, to inspire creativity and joy internationally. Visit for comprehensive information about TikTok’s efforts to ensure election integrity.

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