Descon & IFC Partner to Address Pakistan’s Postharvest Grain Losses

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Descon & IFC Partner to Address Pakistan's Postharvest Grain Losses

Together, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Descon’s Agri-Business Line aim to address Pakistan’s startling $2 billion in postharvest losses of wheat, rice, and maize each year. About the 36.8% of the population that experiences food insecurity, this Memorandum of Understanding represents a dedication to long-term, sustainable solutions for food security.

The cooperation intends to upgrade infrastructure, optimize supply chains, and empower small-scale farmers by utilizing Descon’s experience and IFC’s worldwide reach. Pakistanis will receive better-quality basic grains because to this cooperative strategy that addresses the underlying causes of postharvest losses.

“We are enthusiastic about the possible influence,” stated Faisal Dawood, Vice Chairman of Descon. “By working together, we can significantly reduce losses and improve food security for millions.”

Descon’s goal of empowering farmers and changing the agricultural environment via sustainable techniques is in line with this strategic collaboration. The company’s dedication to food security and economic growth aligns with IFC’s global purpose of supporting transformative initiatives.

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