Ufone & Huawei’s Tech Wins Big at Mobile World Congress

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Ufone & Huawei's Tech Wins Big at Mobile World Congress

Ufone 4G and Huawei have been recognized at the prestigious GSMA Global Mobile (GLOMO) Awards for their innovative Microwave SuperHub solution. This technology tackles a major challenge in emerging markets: the efficient use of microwave spectrum for mobile backhaul networks.

As mobile data usage explodes, efficient use of the microwave spectrum is crucial. Traditional approaches limit how many connections a single frequency can handle. Ufone and Huawei aimed to overcome this hurdle.

The award-winning SuperHub solution allows operators to reuse the same microwave frequency channel across multiple links, even with a close physical separation (as low as 20 degrees). This ingenious approach effectively doubles spectrum efficiency, a significant breakthrough.

Ufone, the first to deploy SuperHub commercially, reports a remarkable 50% reduction in spectrum usage without sacrificing quality. This translates to a more robust network with increased capacity for Ufone’s customers.

Both Huawei and Ufone are committed to continuous innovation. SuperHub is seen as a game-changer, paving the way for future network advancements and denser deployments.

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