Kreative Kinder Haus Promotes Inclusion for Children with Autism

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Kreative Kinder Haus Promotes Inclusion for Children with Autism

Kreative Kinder Haus (KKH), a renowned inclusive school network in Islamabad, recently celebrated Autism Awareness Month at its flagship branch. The institute is dedicated to providing comprehensive support, including education and therapy, to children with special needs in the city.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurological and developmental condition that affects individuals’ communication, behavior, and motor skills. While the CDC estimates 1 in 36 children are diagnosed with ASD in the US, Pakistan lacks official data on the prevalence of the disorder.

Sabeen Bilal, Founder & Director of Kreative Kinder Haus, emphasized the importance of recognizing ASD in Pakistani children. She highlighted the need for a more inclusive society that embraces the unique strengths of every child. KKH addresses this by offering specialized therapies alongside an inclusive preschool program tailored to individual needs.

Bilal urged society to move beyond social stigma and celebrate children with special needs. KKH strives to integrate these children into society through their services. The organization has a three-branch network in Islamabad with plans to expand across Pakistan, offering essential therapies to a wider population.

Kreative Kinder Haus plans to launch digital media campaigns and host events to raise awareness and educate the public about Autism Spectrum Disorder throughout Pakistan.

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