Amber Heard’s Reason for Hitting Johnny Depp ‘Barrier Broke’

The truth about why Amber Heard and Johnny Depp got into a physical altercation has just come to light.

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Amber Heard's reason for hitting Johnny Depp 'Barrier broke'

Unredacted court documents from Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s defamation case have just revealed the real reason for the actor’s getting physical with the Pirates star.  On page 21 of the official transcript, the part where Amber talks to Depp is highlighted in red. In it, she is seen apologizing to Depp and explaining why she hit him.

Amber Heard's reason for hitting Johnny Depp 'Barrier broke'

“I hit you,” it says. Yes. After that, I felt like that barrier had been breached. When the door slammed on my foot, I thought to myself, ‘Oh [expletive], it’s in my head.’ “Oh [expletive], it’s going down,” I want to say.

“I reacted to the pain,” she said later in the recording. “I was caught by the [expletive] door.” And I was afraid he was becoming violent. In my head, I thought we were going there. We’ve all been there. And I responded. “

“I didn’t react to the last three fights, all in Toronto.” And I felt [expletive] over, royally over, because no one was in more pain than me for the entire week that followed. Because I heard everything that you couldn’t possibly imagine happening to someone. “

She could even be heard in it sneaking in a dig at Depp, who demanded time away from the relationship to “reassess,” and adding, “And I didn’t react.” I didn’t go down that low. I didn’t insult you. I never told you I didn’t love you. I did not [inaudible] any of the [expletive]. “I never said I was leaving.”

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