Jameel Farooqui YouTuber was arrested in Karachi: Islamabad Police

Jameel Farooqui had "falsely" accused in his v-log that Shahbaz Gill was physically and sexually assaulted by Islamabad Police.

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Jameel Farooqui YouTuber was arrested in Karachi - Islamabad Police

YouTuber and social media activist Jameel Farooqui was arrested in Karachi on Monday for falsely accusing Islamabad police of torturing PTI leader Shahbaz Gill. In a statement, the Islamabad Police confirmed that Jameel Farooqui was arrested after a case was filed against him at the Ramna Police Station.

Commenting on Farooqui’s arrest, senior PTI leader Fawad Chaudhry said the government was using coercive tactics to “control” a few media groups. “But the days of cruelty are numbered,” he added.

The police say that in his vlog, he said that the Islamabad Police had hurt Shehbaz Gill physically and sexually. The statement said that the police had said they would take action against people who made false, inflammatory, or made-up claims.

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