Texas Water Levels Reveal 113-Million-Year-Old Dino Footprints

Dinosaur tracks were discovered in Dinosaur Valley State Park in Texas after severe drought conditions dried up the Paluxy River.

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Texas water levels reveal 113-million-year-old dino footprints

Due to the drought, ancient dinosaur footprints were found in Texas. The prints were unearthed in Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose, Texas, as drought caused the Paluxy River to dry up in some sections.  The well-preserved dinosaur steps belong to Acrocanthosaurus, a predatory theropod that grew to 11.5 meters long. A 113 million-year-old Acrocanthosaurus inhabited the park.

“Lone Ranger trackway” is the new footprints’ name. The 30-meter-long dinosaur path is supposed to have 140 tracks, although only 60 are visible. Dinosaur Valley State Park posted a video of the tracks on a dry riverbed, including claw marks.  Sauroposeidon tracks have also been found. The 18-meter-tall Sauroposeidon weighed 60 tonnes. The U.S. Drought Monitor says most of Texas is drought-stricken. According to the Drought Monitor, 87% of the state was in a severe, extreme, or exceptional drought last week.

Nevada and Arizona are also experiencing drought, causing Lake Mead’s water levels to plummet. A WWII landing craft was found submerged in July. Human remains were recovered there this month. Drought in Spain reveals the Dolmen of Guadalperal, dubbed the “Spanish Stonehenge.” The Danube has reached its lowest level in nearly a century. Drought has exposed scores of German battleships sunk during WWII near Prahovo, Serbia.

In France and across the Iberian peninsula, water levels have dropped or been reduced to a trickle. According to the BBC, not all droughts are caused by climate change, but an increase in atmospheric heat worsens droughts. NASA said the past eight years have been the warmest since 1880. 2021 was 1.1 degrees warmer than the Industrial Revolution.

NASA claims human activities have boosted carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions.

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