Canadian Woman tries to Speak Punjabi, Internet says she’s killing it

Internet Comments on Canadian Woman's Punjabi Speaking: "Killing It".

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Canadian Woman tries to Speak Punjabi, Internet says she's killing it
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A Canadian woman speaking Punjabi is shown in a viral video that has gone viral online. The short footage was posted on Instagram by Toronto-based pop country singer and songwriter Sarah Wickett with the remark “I tried my best.” Ms. Wickett can be seen attempting to speak Punjabi in the video. She said that although her partner is from Delhi, she is from Toronto.

“Main Delhi toh haan, mera boyfriend toh haan, Toronto toh haan. Par Toronto, my boyfriend, vee tonne haan. I’m from Toronto, and my boyfriend is from Delhi. Aseen Toronto vich rehnde haan. However, my guy is also a Toronto native. Our home is in Toronto “The woman spoke Punjabi.

The video has received over 3,000 likes and over 106,000 views since it was shared. People on the internet were astounded by how quickly she picked up the language.

This is so fantastic, you’re killing it, one user commented. Another person said, “Awww this is really beautiful- you are excellent at learning a new language,” in addition.

Ms. Wickett was seen speaking a few Punjabi phrases about herself in another video. “Sri akal sat. My name is Sarah. Toronto is the main city. Gauna pasand is mainu. (Hello.) Te main gayika haan Sarah is my name. I’m a Toronto native. I enjoy singing. Additionally, I sing “In the video, she says.

A video of a foreigner selling chai and speaking flawless Hindi had appeared online as well. The woman could be heard speaking while strolling while holding four glasses of tea “Garam chai, please. “Memsab Garam chai” Chai, hot chai. Special garam chai banaya hai humne aapke liye. Do you want some hot tea, ma’am? For you, I brewed this unique hot tea).”

Over 50,000 people liked and saw the video, which received over 495,000 views.

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