Twitter Expands to Whatsapp and LinkedIn with a New share icon

Twitter is looking to expand its reach to other platforms, and it has created a new share icon for use on WhatsApp and LinkedIn.

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Twitter wants to improve tweet sharing across social media platforms. So, the corporation will launch a new sharing button. LinkedIn and WhatsApp have them, but others may follow. The button will feature tweet presentations. For now, it’s only available in India.

Twitter expands to Whatsapp and LinkedIn
Twitter expands to Whatsapp and LinkedIn

WhatsApp is the most popular app in the country, hence its popularity. But wait, there’s more. Twitter is testing a new share button in the lower section of the function display to expand this endeavour. Indian Twitter users are noticing a new Whatsapp share icon in the engagement section. Now you may effortlessly share tweets with your WhatsApp contacts. The feature isn’t yet a button, but we can see how Twitter fans will enjoy it. Streamlining tweets on Whatsapp sounds appealing.

Twitter is testing a new feature in India. They stressed the importance of this market. Whatsapp replacing the share symbol for most Android users in the country is exciting because the app now welcomes cross-platform sharing. It’s straightforward, holistic, and accessible.

WhatsApp’s relevance in India is tremendous, and Twitter’s method looks smart for improving interaction and tweet reach.

Twitter also has other updates. Android users may now share tweets on Instagram Stories and Snapchat. This used to be iOS-only. The feature may also spread to LinkedIn. Twitter wouldn’t mind if you gathered all your favourite apps in one spot. It seems gone are the days when users had to stick to only taking screenshots from Twitter to have them shared on different apps. Direct sharing simplifies things. Twitter tracks user data, as expected. Remember, in 2015, the app found out how many people fail to log into the app but do engage with the content.

All in all, the more sharing options there are, and seeing more users stay linked together through tweets means we’re serving a new and improved means to get more people engaging and logging in simultaneously for sharing purposes.

That’s all we know for now, but it seems interesting. Remember, Twitter might be hiding more surprises under the rug, and we’ll need to see how well this experiment does in India for now.

In general, we think it’s a good idea to make a button that can be used to share across platforms. How do you feel?

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