Urvashi also Spoke-out about the Video She Shared of Naseem Shah

Urvashi Rautela an Indian actress, has spoken out about the video story she shared with fast bowler Naseem Shah.

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Urvashi also spoke out about the video she shared with Naseem Shah
Urvashi responded to Naseem Shah's Viral Video

A Bollywood actress Urvashi Rautela, wrote on her Instagram story, “A few days ago, my team uploaded a collection of 11 to 12 beautiful fan-edited videos in which no one knew who they were.” It’s requested to media that you avoid sharing any news.”

Earlier Naseem Shah had responded to the video shared by the actress’ account, saying, “I don’t know who Urvashi Rotila is, I play in the ground, people send videos, etc.”

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Urvashi Rautela posted a video story about fast bowler Naseem Shah after the India-Pakistan match in the Asia Cup, in which the actress can be seen flirting with Naseem Shah.

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