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Kesi Tere Khudgarzi - Drama Review

Kesi Tere Khudgarzi is a very realistic and emotional drama in which Shamsher falls in love with Mehak in an unconventional putting and destiny is misplaced in this love-hate relationship. Family individuals can go through if their own circle of relatives’ values is too strong. Written with the aid of using Radhain Shah. Directed with the aid of using Ahmed Bati. Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi drama is primarily based totally on the elegance variations of the principal characters of the drama and the plot of the drama is obsessive. Every week a large number of audience waits for its new episode to be telecasted

Endless Love With a Heart-touching scenario

Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi’s tale revolves around the son of commercial enterprise mogul Shamsher falling in love with middle-elegance Mehak. It is here an ARY Drama Kaisi Teri Kudgarzi Cast, Story, Timing, Tags, OST, Actress Name. Dur-e-Fishan Salem and Danish Taimoor are withinside the drama. The individual of Danish Taimoor in this drama is much like his individual withinside the drama Diwangi and Ishak Hai. Several ugly incidents arise all through the path and Mehak begins off evolving hating Shamsher. And considering that Shamsher’s own circle of relatives does now no longer approve of his relationship, the tale is even extra entwined with Danish Taimoor, as Shamsher is the son of a commercial enterprise mogul. Stubborn and inclined to push the limits for his love interest. Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi drama collection testimonies are approximately romance, suspense, and emotions.

Characters and roles

The tale of the drama revolves around the existence of a younger girl, Mehak. Shamsher, a spoiled rich man, fell in love with Mehak at the beginning sight. shamsher desires to marry mehak. She is her unforgettable love. He makes use of his electricity and cash handiest to reap his ends. wish. He makes existence hard for her Mehak and her own circle of relatives. Shamsher’s father adversarial her marriage to Mehak and plotted to kill him. And her entire own circle of relatives. He burns down their residence and absolutely each person thinks Mehak is dead. He Shamsher regrets dropping Mehak.

However, Mehak escaped this incident, Happily. A deep and touching love tale. The drama stars Dure Fishan Salem and Danish taimoor. Viewers are very enthusiastic about the new Danish display couple Taimoor and Dur e Fishan Salem. Denmark’s new Appears with a New Stimulus individual after performing withinside the blockbuster dramas “Dee Wangi” and “Ishku Hai”.Dur-e-fishan as Mehak is the daughter of a lecturer, of humble nature and of middle-elegance origin. Hammad Shoaib as Ahsan is Mehak’s cousin and fiancée. Mr. & Mrs. Nawab Dilawar as Noman Aijaz and Atiqa Odho belong to an influential commercial enterprise own circle of relatives with a proper mindset. It may be malicious to shield own circle of relatives values.

Story Line

In this drama series, Shamsher is head over heels in love with a middle-elegance woman named Mehak, however, the woman now no longer loves him. she’s simply frightened of him. A naive and harmless woman, Mehak and his sister Nida are making ready a birthday celebration for her father. Her father is a college lecturer and a complete quality person. Mehak is engaged to her cousin Ahsan who’s additionally her neighbor. Mehak’s father witnesses Shamsher inflicting problems on humans on the street. he later attempts to prevent him. Shamsher factors a gun at him. Mehak speedy pulled his father again into the car. Suddenly Shamsher sees a harmless woman Mehak and immediately falls in love with her. An impolite man, Shamsher is the son of a persuasive and corrupt politician. He then makes use of all his powers to study extra approximately Mehak and subsequently is going to look her at home. Shamsher then takes a hard step in the direction of Mehak’s father. So he locks Mehak’s father in a faux case in order that he can get Mehak’s attention. The speech in this drama is superb and the performance is likewise superb. The performances of all of the characters are excellent, in particular the lead roles of Danish Taimoor, Dur-e- Fishan, and the well-known Norman Ijaz.

Personal opinion

The plot of the drama could be very interesting. Shamsher has his eyes on Mehak and that is the cease of the conversation. In Shamsher’s eyes, her rejection is meaningless, her betrothal is meaningless, her father’s choices are meaningless, and even his personal father’s choices do suggest not anything to him. There is none. Danish Taimoor performed his function so properly that he jumped into this function. Shamsher threatens Mehak’s own circle of relatives and best wishes Mehak’s will.

Game Play

Shamsher continues his head down. The first-class issue approximately this play is that Shamsher has by no means been glorified as a hero – he is evil, and he is an anti-hero. He can’t forgive all his sins, irrespective of how small he tries. He actually does not deserve Mahek, and we are now no longer rooting for Shamsher and Mahek as a couple. I desire they do not try and glorify him in destiny episodes. Among all of the spiteful characters in Nawab Dilawar’s house, the best Shamsher’s mom and Dara are kind-hearted and clever people. Both advocate that Nawab Sahab accepts Mahek wholeheartedly due to the fact there’s a no different way,

Ending Approach

However, Nawab Sahab isn’t always inclined to simply accept Mahek at any cost. It wasn’t a part of an assassination attempt. In different words, Dara merits a spouse like Mahek, now no longer Farwa. Shamsher desires to win Mahek’s coronary heart, however, does nothing. He avoids taking any step that would cause prevailing Mahek’s heart. He desires to win her coronary heart with the aid of using force, however, he is aware of what he can’t. Why is he so dumb as to prevent her from seeing her parents? He yells at her and now and again is going in conjunction with her misbehaving. He proves that he’s a very well-suggested character.

Plot Of Suspense

Dara meets Sherrow, wherein he receives the surprise of his lifestyle that his very own father attempted to kill Mahek with Sherrow’s help. Now, if Baba Sahab changed into now no longer covered in his plan, the query arises why Baba Sahab despatched Dara to investigate. The scene may be very surreal as he meets his father’s face and is now no longer best however additionally Mahek reveals out that she goes to kill none aside from Baba Sahab. Will Shamsher, who is aware of, be capable of defending Mahek and combat for her at Baba Sahab?

Ending Predictions

Many people have different predictions for this drama regarding its last episode in my personal opinion is I think shamsheer will be succeeded in showing mahek his true love and affection for her and mahek will also fall in love function share and will stay at his back in every tough situation and also convinces her father that share is a very kind and generous man as he loves his doctor more than his own life and even his parents Baba SAB will also agree that Mac is the best option fortune shared and for will also get to know that she can never replace mahek by her sister asthma heck is above hi sister in every stance . Atika odo and dara are already in favor of mahek I think they also support Mac in different situations most importantly when some share left his house because Baba shop don’t want mahek as his daughter-in-law mahek’s sister will be married to her cousin and Max and will also turn into a good and meaningful character at the end of the drama. I personally think all of them(are you connected to all the drama) turn into happy and peaceful delima with a happy ending there is a chance that mahek and shamsheer will be parents at the end of the drama

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