Google’s Mistake Made Someone a Millionaire

A hacker in America became a millionaire after the mistake that happened to Google. Recently the company accidentally deposited US$2.5 million into a hacker's account.

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Google's Mistake Made Someone a Millionaire

What would you do if Google gave you Rs 2 crore all of a sudden? A similar thing happened recently when Google sent crores of rupees to the wrong person. In fact, the American company sent about 2.5 lakh US dollars to a person who costs about 20 million rupees in India.

Google transferred funds by mistake

Sam works as a hacker for a living. The news says that Sam’s job is to find bugs in the system and the software. Sam is green and works for Google as a “bug bounty hunter.” In this case, Sam has been offered by Google as payment. This time, though, Google sent Sam a large amount of money instead of the payment. Sam Carey himself can’t understand why he has so much money in this situation.

When did this happen? 

Two and a half million dollars (about Rs 2 crore) were moved from Google about three weeks ago, according to a tweet from a hacker named Sam Carey. This story takes place in Omaha, which is in the US state of Nebraska.

Google gives people a chance to make money

Google is the biggest tech company in the world. Google gives you a lot of ways to make money. If you are a professional hacker, Google will pay you a lot of money to find bugs in their products. Google wants to give its users products that are completely safe in every way. Because of this, they let hackers hack into their products.

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