Pakistan’s Debts Decreased by Rs1350 Billion: Ishaq Dar

I have arrived last night, so Rs. 9 have decreased against the dollar! In 24 hours, there has been a reduction of Rs. 1350 Billion in loans, Ishaq Dar

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Pakistan's Debts Decreased by Rs1350 Billion: Ishaq Dar

During the last three days, a significant decrease in the value of the dollar has been observed in the country. So far this week, the inter-bank exchange rate of the US dollar has significantly decreased by Rs 5.65

Similarly, since September 24, the dollar has become cheaper by 12 and a half rupees in the open currency market. A section is conditioning the decline of the dollar in the domestic currency market on the return of Ishaq Dar and his assumption of the portfolio of the Finance Minister.

Talking to the media in the Senate in this regard, Ishaq Dar said that inflation and utility prices are a challenge for us. Ishaq Dar said that when the compatriots returned last night, there was a difference of 9 to 10 rupees on the dollar. Thanks to Allah, Pakistan’s debt has decreased by 1350 billion in 24 hours.

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