Here’s why Netflix will not give “The Sinner” a fifth season

No! USA Network will not bring back The Sinner for a fifth season. This is because the show's fourth season has been made public.

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Here's why Netflix will not give "The Sinner" a fifth season
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The Sinner’s fourth season came out on Netflix on October 13, and fans have been discussing whether the show will be renewed for a fifth season. The American police procedural anthology TV series was made initially for USA Network. Its name comes from Petra Hammesfahr’s 1999 novel, which was the basis for the first season.

Bill Pullman played a police officer who looked into crimes done by strange suspects and tried to figure out why they did it. Except Jessica Hecht played a significant role in the third and fourth seasons, only Pullman was in every season. The rest of the cast changed for each season’s story.

According to Digital Spy, the show will not be renewed because the tortured Detective Harry Ambrose solved his last case.

The Sinner was supposed to be a one-season miniseries, but it got such good reviews and ratings that it was turned into an anthology. Each new season tells the story of a different case that Harry Ambrose has to solve.

In a statement to TVLine, the show’s creator Derek Simonds confirmed the news, saying, “It’s been an honour and a pleasure to be able to tell the kinds of stories we have on The Sinner for the past four seasons.”

“[Universal Content Productions] and USA have been great partners and have always been on board with our creative goals. I’m so happy that we were able to finish Harry Ambrose’s dramatic story arc as planned in this last season,” he said. “Thank you so much to my partner in crime, Bill Pullman, and to all the talented actors, writers, directors, and crew who worked so hard to make this show happen. It has been a wonderful trip.”

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