Fake NADRA apps removed by Google over Data Breach

NADRA and Google Stand Up for Pakistani Residents' Privacy!

Mujtaba Ahmed
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Fake NADRA apps removed by Google over Data Breach

After a request from the NADRA, Google Play Store removed 14 apps from its store that were discovered to be stealing the personal information of Pakistani citizens (NADRA). These apps allegedly misled consumers into thinking they were associated with or approved by the organization by using NADRA’s name and merchandise illegally to acquire credibility for their services. These applications violated Google’s impersonation policy by collecting private information from Pakistani citizens.

In response to NADRA’s request, Google took measures to remove the apps from its platform when it was discovered that they were violating locals’ privacy and disseminating sensitive, confidential information owned only by NADRA. Because it may have effects on Pakistan’s security, the authorities have emphasized the problem as “vital and urgent.”

The letter, headed “Breach of Personal Data of Residents and their Privacy by Application Providers on Google Play Store,” was sent to Stephanie Davis, vice president of customer solutions at Google, Hiang Choong, and Scott Beaumont, president of Google for Asia Pacific. According to the letter, publishing, and advertising such apps using NADRA’s name or emblem must cease right away, as should the unauthorized sharing and selling of sensitive and confidential information owned by NADRA.

This action emphasizes how crucial it is to safeguard personal information and guarantee the legitimacy of apps on app stores. Google has a duty to protect users’ personal information and make sure that its platform is safe and secure. In order to safeguard individuals’ security and privacy in the digital era, governments and tech corporations must work together, as demonstrated by NADRA’s early action and Google’s prompt response.

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