A Wealthy Young Guy Selling Bottled Air from his City

Juan Carlos El Virado, makes hundreds of dollars every day by selling bottled air from his area to tourists. 

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A wealthy young guy selling bottled Medellin air from his city

Everything in the world may be sold, as demonstrated by a Colombian teenager who earns hundreds of dollars every day. Medellin, Colombia’s second-largest city, is renowned as the “City of Eternal Spring” due to its excellent weather all year. Juan Carlos took advantage of this by selling the city’s air for a profit.

“We don’t pack pure air, but rather a high-quality city air,” Jawan explained. He stated that the air particles are collected in 15 to 30 minutes using” air collector” equipment and transmitted to the bottles. As a result, the bottles contain just 100% pure air. He did, however, detail the entire process while posing as a thief.

Juan Carlos El Virado, who lives in the Colombian city of Medellin, makes hundreds of dollars every day by selling bottled air from his area to tourists.

El Verrado, Colombia’s second-largest city is also known as the “city of ever-flowing springs,” having beautiful weather all year and a significant number of visitors. The young man believed that the air in this metropolis could not be bottled and shipped thousands of miles away.

Joan sold 77 air-filled bottles for $5 apiece on the first day. He sold 300 bottles on the third day. His intriguing work is already being discussed on TV and social media. He then set up a social media account and a website. Some have accused Juan of being a liar and insisting that he only sells empty bottles, which Juan denies.

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