Naseem Shah responded to the Viral Video of him ‘Memers not coming slow’

Internet users criticized Urvashi Rautela for sharing a video with a Pakistani cricketer!

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Naseem Shah responded to the Viral Video of him 'Memers not coming slow'

Urvashi Rautela shared a video from the recent India vs. Pakistan match on her Instagram story, which included some who got a glimpse of Pakistani fast bowler Naseem Shah. Ms. Rautela, an Indian actor, is being harassed on social media after posting an Instagram video featuring Pakistani Cricketer Naseem Shah.

Ms. Rautela posted a video to her Instagram story in which she was seen watching the recent India vs. Pakistan match at the Dubai stadium, with glimpses of the Pakistani fast bowler. Internet users chastised her for sharing a video with a Pakistani cricketer shortly after she posted it.

The actor previously sparked a social media meme frenzy after attending another India vs. Pakistan match in Dubai, where she was linked to Indian Cricketer Rishabh Pant.

This came after she claimed in an August interview with such a popular entertainment portal that a certain “RP” waited for her in a hotel lobby for 10 hours to meet her while she was resting. She had expressed regret for keeping him going to wait for so long.

As soon as the video went viral, fans started to link Rishabh Pant with the “RP” mentioned by Ms. Rautela in the interview.

Indian Cricketer Rishabh Pant then posted on his Instagram story (which he later deleted) and wrote, “It’s amusing how people lie in interviews for the sake of gaining popularity and making headlines. It’s sad how some people crave fame and recognition. May God bless them”.

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