Hadiqa Kiani takes the Responsibility of Rebuilding Balochistan Villages

Hadiqa Kiani told flood victims not to beg for help, but to trust that God will help them instead. She hugged and kissed the people who had been hurt by the flood.

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Hadiqa Kiani takes the Responsibility of Rebuilding Balochistan Villages
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Hadiqa Kiani, a singer, has taken up the task of rebuilding villages destroyed by floods in Balochistan. Kiani has stated his intention to adopt the Balochistan villages of Rabbi, Chattar, and Tamboo.

In a video published on social media, the musician addressed flood victims in Balochistan. She listened to the flood victims’ plights and consoled those who told her about their ordeals in the aftermath of the floods.

“My most recent journey to Balochistan allowed me to see the heroic folks who have lost practically everything,” Kiani remarked as he shared the video. I now must restore the villages of Rabbi, Chattar, and Tamboo. Inshallah, with Allah SWT’s guidance, we will rebuild more vital than ever.”

In a video released by the actress, she urged flood victims not to beg for relief or assistance but to believe the Almighty that He will help them. She kissed the flood victims’ hands and comforted them.

The singer-turned-actress noted that this is only the beginning of her journey, as she will soon travel to the remote parts of Sindh and Punjab. She stated that she would adopt more villages in other provinces as well.

The musician asked Pakistanis to adopt and rehabilitate the villages. “This is just the start. In the next weeks, I want to visit remote areas of Punjab and Sindh, as well as adopt remote communities in these areas. “I urge all Pakistanis who can adopt a community to do so and help our brothers and sisters,” Hadiqa Kiani added in another tweet.

Hadiqa Kiani also gave a link to her Instagram account so that people may follow the aid efforts of her team in adopted villages.

Netizens lauded Hadiqa Kiani’s big and compassionate act for flood victims.

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